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Motoring Cost Guidelines

Where a guilty plea is to be entered in a matter to be heard in the Magistrates Court, our costs are, in the vast majority of cases, going to range from between £700 and £1,000 depending upon the precise nature of the offence and its particular circumstances.

The example outlined below is in relation to a drink driving offence where a guilty plea is entered however, given the nature of the prosecution of similar offences, the costs outlined below are likely to be relevant to most offences where the case is to be heard in the Magistrates Court.

Offence: Drink driving
Plea: Guilty
Fee: £700

When dealing with such a matter, the work would usually involve the following:

The above fee estimate includes:

Letter of Mitigation

Some of our clients choose to plead guilty by post and accordingly do not require an attendance at Court but instead seek to send to the Court a Letter of Mitigation offering mitigating circumstances to the Court.

A Letter of Mitigation is something we can assist you with. This would involve your solicitor meeting with you in order to obtain the necessary details. The costs for the preparation of the Letter of Mitigation will usually range from £200 to £350 plus VAT.