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You & Your Family

Buying or Selling your Home

People say conveyancing is easy and that one house purchase is like the next, but this just isn't so. Every case has its unusual aspects.

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Lasting Powers of Attorney

Have you ever considered what would happen if you became mentally or physically incapacitated?

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Litigation - Suing or being Sued

We recognise that any form of litigation can be extremely stressful as it can often involve disputes that go on for some time and are often with people you know.

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Matrimonial & Family Matters

Divorce and separation is a very complex process spanning a period of time, with no two cases being the same. The way your case is handled and the quality of advice you receive is all important.

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Personal Injury

Accident, illness or loss of a loved one is awful enough without the added pressure of dealing with a claim for compensation.

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We have over a number of years built up a considerable amount of experience in setting up and administering Trusts.

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Wills, Probate and Tax Planning

We offer extensive experience in drafting and advising in connection with all types of Wills, including Discretionary Trust Wills, as well as Lasting Powers of Attorney, elderly client matters and Trusts.

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